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working in partnerships

Searchdesk supports different organisations, from international IT companies to local manufacturers. Each with their own specific challenges and target group to be approached.

  • Scalable recruitment on premise
    A medium-sized construction company with an average of 15 open vacancies, Searchdesk supports in sourcing and scheduling interviews with the hiring managers.
    After three months, our full-time sourcer was reinforced with a part-time consultant to take the pressure of the 1st conversations away from the Managers. Two years later, with the scarce labor market, we removed the consultant from the project. The full-time sourcer is now busy with recruiting good candidates.
  • RPO outsources the full recruitment cycle
    An international software company wants to expand rapidly within Europe and needs sourcing in the short-term to fulfill about 40 functions, especially in the GTM positions. Searchdesk has mapped out this issue and took care of the entire recruitment function via a SLA. The labor market communication, the sourcing, guidance and selection of candidates.

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